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Hi everyone,

If you follow you have noticed that the blog has been dead for several months.

Well I’m back and the blog is going to be revamped. I want something with a broader scope, something that encompasses more of my interests. Don’t worry I’ll still be talking about fashion and lingerie, but I may include topics such as textiles, music and nerd topics.

Since I’m changing the blog, I’m changing the name as well.

Luna and Skye

Curve Coverage, Part 1: Claudette


So I finally have time to write about curve. After a week straight of 10 hours days I can finally relax. That being said, lets talk Claudette.

I have admired Claudette since I was introduced to them but I never actually bought a piece. This was mainly due to the fact that the mesh was too stiff and it irritated my sensitive skin. Fortunately that is no longer a problem, Claudette has changed factories and now the mesh is much softer. I can’t wait til autumn when the softer mesh dessous styles will be released.


As far as the upcoming styles Claudette has taken some bold leaps forward with the new collection.


One of my favorite line is the new overt satin, which includes the set pictured above. (Which is one of my favorites) It features a bra with buttons down the front and an overt panty with buttons down the bum. What I love most about this line is how playfully sexy it is. Claudette has managed to keep the idea of lingerie by women for women, while making underwear for the bedroom. If you don’t like the idea of an overt panty you can always substitute with the side tie panty.


Another exciting line is the fishnet line. Featuring a double scoop bra (pictured below in aqua), which has such a unique shape that I’m dying to try it out for myself. This line plays with bold and exciting colors, mixed with thick black lines. These styles have graphic elements not commonly seen in the full bust market.


I have to applaud Claudette for making the styles that other large cup markets ignore. It’s wonderful to see that we have options, that were previously only for our smaller chested sisters. I simply can not wait for these new lines and colors to hit the stores.


Trends & CurveNy


This year I had the privilege of attending CurveNY, one of the few lingerie expos in the United States. While there I ran into Darlene of Hourglassy and we talked about trends. Do trends matter when it comes to lingerie? I think not. When it comes to your underthings, it’s personal. Sure there are fashion colors, sure styles may change, but we buy lingerie for ourselves.

That being said if you are looking for lingerie trends please take a look at Sweet Nothing’s and The Lingerie Lesbian’s coverage of the first ever lingerie fashion week. Both bloggers have some really great articles on the brands featured.

Also take a look at Hourglassy’s post on Trends and the Busty. I agree with a lot of what she has to say, and a number of her points apply to all body types.

I will be report on curve, but not on the trends I saw. While I was there I got to talk to plenty of great brands. I learned a bit about true luxury lingerie, found some exciting new styles, and discovered new brands. I want to share this experience with my readers.

I want get you just as excited as I was in the convention center, and believe me there is plenty to be excited about.

Fluer of England Berry Kiss


As a big busted lady it’s hard to find designer lingerie that will work with my body type, however thisFluer of England set fits the key. The kimono style top assures that my chest will fit, while the silk and lace assure that I will feel amazing.

This brand is truly amazing please checkout their collections and tell me what you think.

~ LeaLu

Happy Valentines Day!

Well hi there,

I know I haven’t been around much, but I miss my little blog and I’m back!

In the beginning of the month I was planning a post based on what I was bringing for a long romantic weekend in upstate New York. Unfortunately that weekend ended in a car accident, which all but through my month off.

On the upside I ordered some dresses from trollied dolly.

I have a few lingerie sets I’m lusting after.

And SHOES!!!!!

Keep an eye out because I’m coming back.


Confession: I Love Pretty Shapewear! ( and there is more then you think)


I love shapewear, there is nothing better the putting on a sleek piece of lingerie underneath my everyday clothes. It’s like a little secret that flaunts my curves and boots my self esteem. Sure, shapewear had some negative stigmas, but I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to believe them. Shapewear isn’t just for middle age women who want to hide the extra weight after their pregnancy and it most certainly doesn’t exist in boring basic colors. Here are some of my favorite pieces that are currently available.

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